Independent Federal Credit Union Invites You to Experience the Power of Alliance One!

Independent Federal Credit Union has joined forces with Alliance One in an effort to help you keep some of your own money in your pocket by giving you access to more ATM’s and fewer fees.

Alliance One is a nationwide cooperative of Credit Unions and community banks that have joined forces to let their cardholders access each others’ ATMs all over America without having to pay ATM surcharge fees.

Alliance One offers nearly 5,000 ATM locations in 49 states. This cooperative gives you more convenient ATMs to choose from, and it also leaves those fees at home, safe in your account.

Normally, if you would visit a so-called ‘foreign’ ATM, you may expect to pay fees in order to process the transaction being conducted at another financial institution’s ATM. However; with Independent’s participation with Alliance One, you will no longer assess these ATM surcharges at Alliance One sponsored ATMs. That means more money in your pocket!

As your Credit Union, Independent Federal Credit Union is always working to make your investments go farther. The participation with Alliance One will help you keep those surcharge fees in check and keep your account in balance. Independent constantly strives to give you easy access for all of your transactions and help you to grow as members. This is just one more way to help you discover your independence with Independent Federal Credit Union!

For a complete list of Alliance One ATMs, access There, you can search for convenient ATMs across the U.S., including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico…or for the most convenient ATM located to you, right here at home.