Zogo Financial Literacy

It pays to learn about personal finance – literally. Independent Federal Credit Union has partnered with Zogo. Zogo is a game-ified mobile app that offers you real-life rewards for completing bite-sized lessons across a vast library of finance topics. Zogo offers you 300+ modules in over 20 different categories.

73% of Americans say they stress out about money. From Gen x to Gen Z, everyone can benefit from learning a little more about personal finance. Zogo is a mobile app that gives you money to learn about money. With the Zogo app conveniently on your phone, you can learn and earn where ever and whenever you want. Download the Zogo app and enter code 'IFCU' and start earning and learning.

Independent offers you Zogo to help you get paid to learn about finance and improve your financial well-being. Complete bite-sized modules and earn 'pineapple points' that go toward great rewards from popular retailers such as Starbucks, Amazon, Adidas, and more!

Are you ready? Start earning money while learning about money. Download the free Zogo app from your favorite app store, enter code “IFCU” and start working towards financial freedom by increasing your knowledge about finance. Oh yeah, and getting paid to learn along the way!