Independent Federal Credit Union / Auto Rates

Auto and Motorcycle Loan Rates

Product TypeTermAPR  
Auto: New 2016-2017 60 months60 Months3.25%View Details
Auto: New 2016-2017 72 Months72 months4.00%View Details
Auto Used: 2013 - 2015Up to 72 Months4.00%View Details
Auto Used: 2013 - 2015Up to 60 Months3.25%View Details
Auto Used: 2012Up to 60 Months4.00%View Details
Auto Used: 2012Up to 72 Months5.00%View Details
Auto Used: 2011Up to 60 months4.25%View Details
Auto Used: 2010Up to 60 Months5.25%View Details
Auto Used: 2009Up to 48 Months5.25%View Details
Auto Used: 2008Up to 48 months6.50%View Details
Auto Used: 2007Up to 42 Months7.00%%View Details
Auto Used: 2006Up to 36 Months8.50%%View Details
Auto Used: 2005Up to 36 Months8.75%%View Details

Loans may qualify for additional discounts based on use of additional services. All Certificate of Deposit Rates are quoted at the highest possible rate with $10,000+ deposit and term. Auto Loan Rates are based on vehicle and applicants credit worthiness. Mortgage rates vary daily. All rates are subject to change. First time mortgage applicants are encouraged to apply here. Follow this link to learn more about Home Equity Line of Credit Loans. Rates effective as of 6-1-2017.