FRAUD ALERT: Phishing scam hits cardholders in our Region

Credit Union members in Kokomo receiving suspicious phishing calls and texts. Please be aware!

Published Thursday, April 3, 2014


Independent Federal Credit Union has learned about a phishing scam that is affecting credit union members in the Kokomo area. Phone calls and voice messages are telling recipients that their credit union debit/credit card has been deactivated. The call then asks the receiver to follow prompts, which request personal information, including sensitive financial data and personal identification information. All calls that have been reported have been made to cell phone numbers.


There have been multiple other reports of credit union members receiving phishing calls on their cell phones. Some are also receiving calls on land lines. Additional reports have come from Indianapolis, Grant County and Kosciusko County. Individuals in Grant County have received automated calls claiming to be from Via CU telling the recipient that their card has been "blocked." The calls request the recipient's card number and other personal information. Caller ID for the recipients has shown either "Unknown" or as 214-414-1037 -  which is a number owned by Verizon but which cannot receive incoming calls.

Credit unions continue to notify members about this phishing attempt. Law enforcement officials in Grant County and in Kokomo have also been notified. Unfortunately, there have been some members that have provided the information to the phishers which has resulted in fraudulent transactions from Romania and from Russia that have hit their credit union accounts.

We want to remind you that we will never send a text or email asking for your personal information in return. Please be aware of phishing scams! If you feel you or your information has been comprimised, please contact us immediately to verify your account safety.

If you have specific questions, contact us here. Or call us at 765-649-9271.