Banzai like a Boss!

It's time to take control of your money. Independent Federal Credit Union brings you BANZAI!

Independent considers your financial wellness a top priority and wants you to have access to all the tools you need to help you succeed and educate yourself before making decisions that could effect your financial stability. Independent has partnered with Banzai to bring you clear, in-depth lessons to help you dive into the financial topics you care most about.

Banzai is a financial literacy tool for all ages, and offers you tools to allow you to gather information in order to make informed and effective decisions on your road to financial wellness. There is even a virtual Coach to help guide you through topics you want to learn more about, and implement into your personal life or business strategies.

With Banzai you have access to financial calculators, informative articles and free online financial wellness courses and games. Consider Banzai a library with a treasure trove of topics and information all at your fingertips. The free online courses and coaching modules will walk you through learning key skills in managing your day-to-day financial course; whether personal or professional.

Banzai is a web based tool, so you can take it with you anywhere via your mobile device. Access articles, search, learn or be coached on the go!

Topics include, but are not limited to; savings, teaching children about money, retirement, taxes, borrowing and credit, budgeting your money, dealing with life's changes, getting out of debt and more.

We invite you to dig into the Banzai financial literacy tool designed to help break-down complex financial questions and help you make well-informed financial decisions.

Ready to Banzai like a boss? Click the Financial Literacy link at the top of our website, or click HERE.

Happy Learning!